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- Outside the Boundaries -

Follow me and we will drift away. There is nothing that can be named here and there is not much light. We will need to know where to go by sensing and feeling. The songs have ended but yet the sound of them reverberates here. If you show me something that I might have missed, I will take a look at what you find. I never said that I would always know the way around, I just know that I like to be here. So, lead the way for a while and I will follow. Maybe I will like where you take me. Just don’t go back inside the boundaries. That is where I prefer not to be.

- A Memorandum of Winters Now Past -

At just the thought of Winter, my body remembers the chills from those that have passed us by that seemed like they would never subside. Yet looking back, we have made it through many cold seasons so it is certain that we may find hope even in the midst of a season of biting frost.

Behold, for even in the darkest pit, there will always be a light that never goes out. So, for in the coldest air, there will always be a place in your soul for warmth to stir..

Sometimes I find myself thinking about words and the meanings that some of them carry with them. What are the details that go along with an identity? When the stinging air is on our face, our need for warm air grows and we then seek out the nearest shelter or alcove regardless of its labeling or reputation.

The season of ice keeps us hidden away like an animal in a hole thus seeking out a more cerebral occupation. As the tide shifts and the mercury rises hopefully we have spent our time well perfecting our indoor craft when winter had a freeze on us. As we migrate outside, we will bring that lore and experience with us to have something new to show for who we are or where we have been.

- May all of this Power Blend into One -

( from The Aesthetic Myth )

Ahhh... The mist of the earth is so very dense. As I walk out on this open vast land, I recollect upon the things that have been given. As I embrace the earthly elements within my reach, I ask... the spirit of the earth, the sky, the sea, and the sun, to unite their powers of nature into one.

Forces of the earth, forces of the sky, forces of the sea, and forces of the sun.. may all of this power blend into one.

- In the far off Place..."Ambrosia" -

In this far off place, a Medieval land exists, where there are the most flawless and gorgeous valleys of all the land, and forests with the tallest of all of the tallest of trees.

In the distance a group of travelers run free through the fields and through the lush forests with the wind as their counterpart. It is clear that they move with the spirit from the watchful dragon, whose eye slowly watches every move that they make... who observes, and is constantly contemplating any necessary action.

Oh! In the far distance, a cry is heard, and now these travelers start to move at a faster pace, perhaps in an attempt to find out where it came from.

Where could this distant cry be from? Could it be the mysticism that the unseen dragon's presence creates in the air? Or could it be the ever so apparent life that can be seen in the flawless forests of the green lands and the tallest of the trees? Perhaps it is from the people who live in the mountains that still retell the old tales that the Bard told so many years ago. Perhaps it is the dreams of the many children who are asleep.. dreaming the deepest of dreams; the most enchanting dreams.

It can never be told which of these things it is, as there is something always changing, moving, and something always alive in Ambrosia, the far off place.


- Arethusa -

(A commentary to help compliment the recording of the same name.)

One beautiful day, the wood nymph, Arethusa, was bathing in the stream in Arcadia. Little did she know that this was the stream of the River God Alpheus. The River God Alpheus was strongly attracted to Arethusa. Alpheus pursued her, but Arethusa fled under the ocean to an enchanted underground garden of Ortugia. Then Artemis transformed Arethusa into a fountain in an attempt to save her from Alpheus. This scheme did not help because Alpheus's love was so great for Arethusa that Alpheus pursued her beneath the ocean and he was changed into a stream whose waters united with those of the fountain.