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Composers of the Middle Ages or Pre-17th century Europe ...


Borneil - The dazzling court culture of twelfth-century Occitania gave rise to the poetry of the troubadours...

Dufay - Dufay was one of the most highly regarded composers of his generation, and one of those principally responsible for inaugurating the Renaissance in music.

Hildegard - Gothic Voices of the Middle Ages.

La Nef - A 20 piece Medieval ensemble.

Machaut - A French poet and composer of the 14th century.

Ockeghem - Ockeghem was one of the most respected composers of the fifteenth century.

Palistrina - A composer for the voice who composed during the Renaissance period.

Proensa - A Paul Hillier recording that contains eight songs of the Troubadours.

Troubadour Songs - Abelard : Troubadour Songs and Medieval Lyrics.


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