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The Coach and Horses...

Many thanks to "The Coach & Horses" over in Windor for some fair amount of Ethodius club play on Wednesday evenings. For those of you that do not know how to get there here are the directions passed on to me from one of the DJs, Andrew Lochhead : (feel free to send Andrew Email if you need any more info.) The Coach is open Wednesday 10pm until 2am. The current DJ is now DJ Chris Rohn

The "Coach & Horses" pub is located on 153 Chatham Street W in downtown Windsor, Ontario. The Coach and Horses has no phone. If you need to talk to someone you should call the Loop at (519) 256-9844. You can likely talk to Jay Zeeman about anything but if it's about booking shows in the Coach ask for Scott.

Directions :

If you Come by bridge the route is rather confusing so I would encourage all of you from the states to take the tunnel.

Upon exiting the tunnel make a LEFT on PARK ST. Take PARK to the 2ND LIGHT (aka PELISSIER ST.) Make a RIGHT take pelissier to the end (aka CHATHAM ST.) and make a LEFT the first intersection is called FERRY ST. Make a RIGHT and STOP you are in front of the bar. A helpful landmark is the GIANT FISH sign of the OLDE FISH MARKET RESTAURANT.

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